I am a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. I received my bachelorโ€™s degree in Internet of Things Engineering from the same university in 2021. My research is supervised by Prof. Huimin Ma. Currently, I am collaborating online with Associate Professor Weiran Huang on my research projects. My research interests mainly focus on few-shot learning in computer vision and fine-tuning multimodal pre-trained models.

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ICML 2024

Unveiling the Dynamics of Information Interplay in Supervised Learning

Kun Song*, Zhiquan Tan*, Bochao Zou, Huimin Ma$\dagger$, Weiran Huang$\dagger$


NeurIPS 2023

FD-Align: Feature Discrimination Alignment for Fine-tuning Pre-Trained Models in Few-Shot Learning

Kun Song, Huimin Ma$\dagger$, Bochao Zou, Huishuai Zhang, Weiran Huang$\dagger$

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ACCV 2022

Gestalt-Guided Image Understanding for Few-Shot Learning

Kun Song, Yuchen Wu, Jiansheng Chen, Tianyu Hu, Huimin Ma$\dagger$

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Distribution Aligned Feature Clustering for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

Yuchen Wu, Kun Song, Fangzheng Zhao, Jiansheng Chen, Huimin Ma$\dagger$

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  • 2022.10 ACCV 2022 Student Travel Grants

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  • Reviewer: NeurIPS 2024, ICASSP 2024, ICME 2024